10 Signs You Need Lead Management Software in Your Business

As your fitness business starts to grow and you expand the number of marketing channels you use to capture leads, it can become a little more challenging to manage your leads through methods such as a spreadsheet or notebook.

The effect of this can be huge on your sales cycle and ultimately, cost you sales. As soon as you start market across multiple platforms, so more than just your website, it is definitely time to consider a lead management software for your business.

Before you rush into getting lead management software for your business, it’s important to first understand what is lead management software.

What is lead management software?
Lead management software helps you automate your sales pipeline and overall process. That means, the software does as many of the manual tasks that you regularly do as possible. For example; automatically sending appointment reminder and confirmation messages to your leads, scheduling follow up calls and messaging leads throughout the sales process.

For the health and fitness industry, sales automation is particularly helpful because it gives you more time and mental energy to manage more leads, and focus on other key tasks related to running your business.

What kind of tasks does it automate?
Lead management software can help your entire sales process, from someone enquiring as a lead all the way through to joining your gym! Here are some ways it can help.

  • Bring all leads into one place automatically.
    • Bring in leads from your website, landing pages and Facebook automatically
  • Assigns leads to salespeople
    • Ensure that all leads are assigned to a user so they are being followed up appropriately
  • Automatically schedule follow up calls for new leads
  • Report on sales performance, lead traffic, activity and so much more!

So, do I really need lead management software?
Ask yourself the following questions, if you answer yes to any of them, chances are you need to look into a lead management software such as GymLeads to help manage your sales pipeline and get more sales!

1.  You’ve forgotten to follow up with a sales lead.
2.  You manually import leads from several places.
3.  You go back and forth with a lead to try and find the best time to meet/call.
4.  You call leads in alphabetical order rather than order of them enquiring.
5.  You don’t have/follow a standard sales process for all leads.
6.  You don’t know where to start to improve how your team approaches sales.
7.  You write follow up emails and texts from scratch every time.
8.  You’re finding it hard to know how many leads you have at any given time.
9.  You don’t know how your individual salespeople are performing.
10. You don’t have/work towards a set monthly sales goal.

How’d you go?

Did you answer yes to any of these questions?

If so, it’s time to look into a Lead Management software like GymLeads. You can book a demo here.