Changing Times at Dave’s Gym

Dave’s Gym & Fitness Centre, Northwich Cheshire, is part of the community. Established in 1973 it has evolved into a fitness facility to be envied. Offering its customers strength, cardio, functional fitness, group fitness and a sense of belonging – a real family feeling. Not surprising, as it run by the family that founded it and that feeling of being part of something is very much evident.

Neil Mather, owner / operator says:

“We’d been open for over 40 years with basically the same cash options. Everything was fine but we could sense a need for change; the use of technology, the time spent on banking and administration, the market place having more competition and the need to increase our members length of stay.

I knew we had to change the way we joined and managed members, but it was a scary thought to allow someone else to manage that process when we’d been doing it for generations.

I had a couple of conversations with the sales team at Harlands. I said I wanted to join up members but let them have the flexibility to leave when they wanted.

They said, “No problem, by putting them on a flexible Direct Debit tariff they will pay for longer as opposed to paying cash on each visit and as a result your income will rise.”

They also said, “As we do all the administration and credit control you can also add a value DD tariff at a slightly cheaper price with a contracted period of up to 12 months. This is an option for your members when they join but due to the longer length of stay the impact on your income curve will be very positive.

I could see the sense in what Harlands were saying, they had the experience to show this worked. Change is scary though, small steps. We decided to start with just the flexible option, Harlands also helped us with a choice of CRM to manage the membership.

We noticed the difference immediately, customers signing up on-line from our web page or electronically in the club. Cash flow was great as was the service from Harlands to me but more importantly to my customers. Not long after I started with the value package as recommended, all that was discussed with Harlands was correct.

Scary decision, right choice. Harlands have been great in realising the changes I needed to make to keep my gym competitive in this challenging market; and continuing our long standing in this community that we are proud of.”

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