Gym Membership Management For Green Gym Group

Powering Payments For The Green Gym Group

When relaunching, the Green Gym Group needed a gym membership management solution to ensure a consistent member experience and reliable collection of Direct Debit payments.

Located in Brighton, the Green Gym Group is a sustainable gym that looks to make fitness accessible to all. The business looks to show how to reduce the impact of the fitness industry on the environment – hard work of members is turned into electricity.

Gym Membership Management Transition With Tight Deadlines

Undergoing a business relaunch and restructuring, the Green Gym Group needed assistance in ensuring members would receive a consistent experience and that Direct Debit collections could be made.

The Green Gym Group needed to ensure gym membership management was smoothly handled during a challenging relaunch and restructure. With tough deadlines, it was imperative that member experience was not impacted and membership payments successfully collected.

Seamless Gym Membership Management & Payments Experience

The Harlands Group team was on hand with telephone and email support throughout the transition period. Our team ensured the Green Gym Group understood requirements and deadlines were met.

We successfully integrated the latest version of our new member joining portal into the Green Gym Group website. The branding of this portal ensures customers receive a seamless experience when becoming a member.

Working closely with our partner, Clubware, we ensured a seamless integration with the gym membership management software provider. Allowing the Green Gym Group and its members to continue to benefit from this partnership.

Required deadlines were met, the Green Gym Group was able to relaunch without impacting member experience. Membership management was smoothly transitioned to the new structure and member payment collected on time.

“During a difficult transition, the Harlands team was on email and at the end of the phone whenever I needed them. Their flexibility has been great, individuals have gone above and beyond to help me get set up in time. They dealt with my requests to help me successfully restructure and relaunch my business.”
Andy Little
Founder, Green Gym Group

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