Cedar Court Hotel Case Study Feature

Harlands Group – the one stop shop!

Cedar Court Hotels based in Yorkshire manage three health clubs for its guests and community members. Early in 2018 Cedar Court Hotels decided to outsource their membership collections to the Harlands Group.

Chris Willetts, Health Club Manager, said “We were looking for a company that could satisfy several areas. We needed online joining, needed better credit control to fulfil our income forecast and a  partner that could make our lives easier.

“We had different practices across our sites and needed to consolidate these and have a consistent approach that would enable us to grow as a business.”

When Cedar Court were looking at various providers what drew them to Harlands was the extent of market coverage, their open, honest, professional attitude and their willingness to help every step of the journey.

Chris continues “Harlands recommended a few CRM providers based on our business needs. We selected Clubware which was then rolled out across our three sites.”

“Clubware integrates with Harlands SNAP online joining and all the status updates are done automatically.

“It’s a system that is very effective. It’s the ease of use and its integration that we love.  The online joining means we can sell memberships directly from our web page and completing sales in-club is much easier as there is no paperwork to complete. It’s all dealt with for us by Harlands.

“They are rapidly becoming our one stop shop for business advice. We recently looked into sales training for our staff, when we couldn’t find what we were looking for a quick email into Harlands resulted in us making contact with a Sales Training Provider who will be giving us a discount on the training due to Harlands – we’re very impressed.”