Flexible Membership Payment Solution For Olympic-Led Children’s Activity Brands

Membership Payments Going Swimmingly For Sporting House

Sporting House required a flexible, cost-effective membership payment solution to better serve customers and free up time to focus on enriching the lives of more children.

Sporting House is a leading operator of children’s activity brands, Becky Adlington’s SwimStars, Total Swimming Academies and Beth Tweddle Gymnastics. The business provides children across the UK with world-class gymnastic and swimming lessons.

Recurring Card Membership Payment Solution Headaches

Faced with inflexible, costly and admin heavy membership payments, Sporting House looked to Harlands Group for a membership payment solution for its portfolio of Olympic-led children’s activity brands.

Use of recurring card payments was not only costly for Sporting House, with payments made on a termly lesson block basis, but payment failures were high. Plus, the need to resolve failures via phone during regular business hours rather than online was time consuming for the business and occasionally resulted in long telephone queue times.

In addition, where refunds were needed, the process of was costly and administration heavy.

Customised Direct Debit Membership Payments

Our team worked closely with Sporting House to build a customised membership payment solution that has helped resolve these challenges.

The result has been improved customer journey and retention, while payment failures have been reduced, admin hassle removed and income for the business has increased.

“Working with Harlands Group allows us to focus better on building world-class swimming and gymnastics businesses that reach more children. Not only are we able to improve affordability with monthly payments, we’ve cut the amount of time and the cost of payments while reducing payment failure rates to recover income.”

Karen Mosley,
Sporting House

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