GymLeads top tips for managing a successful sales pipeline

Starting off a new financial year as a business is the time when we all get really excited, the team is focused and everyone is enthusiastic for what is ahead. We set some yearly goals and introduce targets and we start focusing on how we are going to get leads into our pipeline.

One important aspect of being able to achieve our lead to sale conversion is not just using a sales pipeline to record a name and number, but maximising the features available to increase the chances of a sale.

When it comes to managing our pipelines, it is easy to fall into the trap of trying to get as many leads in, with the integrity of the data going out the window.

The team at GymLeads recommends implementing a few key practices  to help manage a successful pipeline

1. Maintaining accurate data
The importance of having accurate data will greatly affect the reach to your prospects and any ongoing marketing campaigns that you run.

  • Names, phone numbers and email addresses are critical for running successful campaigns. Training your team to always ask for these three and confirm the phone number and email address to reduce any spelling mistakes
  • When running campaigns outside of your facility, collecting the leads postcode is key. This will help businesses that are mobile or thinking about opening multiple facilities promote to the right area
  • Put data into the correct fields only . For example, don’t make up a last name for the sake of having something in this field. The reason for this is when you are automating your lead marketing you want to make sure the communication is addressed to the person’s real name and not a made up name

2. Automate your marketing
To save time and confusion on what marketing has gone to what prospect, we recommend automating your marketing and if possible, setting up specific marketing funnels

  • Set a full marketing automation plan for the first quarter of the year
  • Work out what SMS and email marketing will go out during this time and set up the templates ready to go
  • Take your marketing automation to the next level with marketing funnels. This allows you to target specific demographics, with leads popping in and out of these funnels based on their lead status

3. Set up Opt-in and Opt-out options
Ideally we want our leads all turning into sales but the reality is your leads may move, change goals or just don’t want to receive your communication anymore. Under GDPR you are required to ask prospects for permission to send them communications. This is why having an opt out option in your marketing is important.

4. Lead reallocation function

  • Staff turnover can sometimes hit business owners unexpectedly, or a staff member may have to take some time off. It is important to not miss any follow ups or leads during this period.
  • A lead auto reallocation feature is critical for any business with more than one team member. This feature will allow a Manager or Administrator to auto assign all leads to one or more staff members. The staff members will then receive an alert and can continue actioning any tasks set for the lead.

These are just a few of our tips for managing a successful pipeline in 2019.

For more tips or to find out how GymLeads can help you implement these features into your business contact Harlands.