Is Your Gym’s Cash Flow Straining Your Financial Muscle?

Now that new year’s resolutions are beginning to dwindle, how do gyms and leisure centres keep the momentum of their income flowing? What’s the best way for your business to keep running without flying off the treadmill? Ad hoc offers, as well as the ever-growing pay-as-you-go model, may gain fleeting revenue spikes… possibly enough to get that new piece of equipment while narrowly breaking even. Yet those of us who’ve been around to play the long game understand that there is nothing like the security of regular cashflow.

Promotions to bring in more clients turn out to be a lot of work for short-term gains. For example, a 12-month committed membership on direct debit could be more valuable than getting 12 class attendees that stick around for a month or two. What’s the best plan for gyms to take advantage of improving on financial gains without it being a chore for the rest of the year?

Rather than tackling this task alone, over 1800 leisure centres across Europe have outsourced their membership management services with the experts at Harlands Group. For over 20 years, Harlands has cultivated an unbeatable method of helping fitness clubs collect direct debit payments for membership subscriptions to build financial muscle. When payments are missed, Harlands has automatic repayment processing and will follow-up with members for collection.

Our joiner software, SNAP, makes it easy for gyms to engage with their members by being able to keep track of their payment plans. Plus, it can sell retail items such as bags, water bottles, or towels at sign-up as a great way to generate some extra cash flow. It can be used on desktop and mobile.

Paul Ebrey of The Hampton Fitness Club says, “The professionalism in how Harlands support our cashflow month in month out makes me feel secure as a business owner.”

From boutique studios to national fitness chains, we’ve found that club owners have benefited from our services to impact their bottom line. Providing regular direct debits for subscriptions ensures a cash flow that promotional offers just can’t sustain. Why would you want to do all that extra marketing work with additional marketing outlay? Financial stability provides leverage for business loans if further expansion is needed. As one of the leading direct debit providers along with gym management services, we guarantee this will keep your business moving at the right pace throughout the year. Let Harlands Group do the heavy lifting while you focus on your client goals.