Motivational Mapping – Helping your organisation to perform more effectively

Guest Blog by Keith Small, Your Sales Solutions

Here’s a question for you.

Would you be interested in helping your organisation?

  • Reduce ill-health & sickness
  • See greater productivity/revenue
  • Create a happier culture
  • Increase employee loyalty
  • Improve employee retention
  • Generate higher profits
  • Carry out less recruitment (direct and opportunity cost)
  • Put in place an effective appraisal & reward system


Well here’s a few more questions for you.

  • Do you motivate your team?
  • If so, how do you motivate your team?

There are many motivational quotes, posters and articles on how to motivate people. However, motivation is not a one size fits all mechanism. Different people have different motivations which are important to them. But accurately identifying what those motivators are can be extremely difficult during the natural course of meetings or appraisals and even if you can establish that, are you able to find out how well/fulfilled they are feeling about those motivations while at work?

During my working life I have been tasked with helping organisations reach goals, move forward and help with developing people’s skills in service, sales and customer retention. Very often you can find a team full of potential, but they seem to be flat, disconnected and although working towards a common goal, sharing conflicting views on how to get there. Working with these groups, you can set direction, create buy in and get things moving. The fact that some feel more excited about this than others has always left me with a concern.

After digging a little deeper it turns that there is a cost in lack of motivation to UK business of £30.4m per year in sickness absence. Alarmingly, there is also a rise in presenteeism; people just turning up and going through the motions to get paid. Good people in posts, but just not feeling motivated or valued.

But what can you do to help this? Enter Motivational Mapping.

Being able not just to understand an individual’s key motivators but being able to measure how fulfilled they are can ensure you keep and get the best from them.

Now imagine being able to do that with a group that work together day in and day out. Not just looking at the needs of individuals, but how what motivates them can affect how they fit into and work effectively as a team. You can use those strengths to get the best from everyone and remove potential conflict, ensuring your team are not just understanding your vision, but how each of them can play their part in delivering on those goals.

What does this mean? You can put training in place that meets the needs of the people who work with you, ensure you are developing a line of succession for people that are motivated to do so and keep your top performers motivated, whilst ensuring that all your team feel valued and fulfilled.

If you want to find out more contact me now on how Motivational Mapping works and we can start by carrying out a FREE Mapping Service on you, so you can see how powerful this knowledge can make you and your team.

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