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Harlands have been at the forefront of the low-cost health & fitness or ‘budget club’ revolution since its inception in the UK back in 2007. Our SNAP online joining product has been successfully used since those early days to allow clubs to signup members remotely with a reliance on technology rather than staff to enable process to be more robust, work round the clock and reduce cost.

For our low cost clients who operate with minimal staff the Harlands customer service centre deals with member queries and can resolve issues remotely. Most of the UK’s budget sector use Harlands to manage their membership payments and we have direct links into the technology used for the entire membership and access control systems.

Our clients such as The Gym Group, Xcercise4less, Fit4less, JD Gyms, Lifestyle Fitness, Simply Gym, truGym, Anytime Fitness and many more use a variety of methods to cut down on administration and costs.

Whether its PIN numbers or biometrics for entry to a 24/7 club, a cashless environment, self service via a member portal on the website, or payment of arrears through the customers own smart phone, then Harlands have the right knowledge and partners to deliver a state of the art infrastructure to create a truly modern club where cost in minimised and profit is realised.

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Costs are scalable as we work with health & fitness clubs of all sizes and all costs
are outweighed by the increase in revenue delivered by Harlands.

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