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If you’re thinking of franchising out your successful business then consider Harlands for the management of payments and memberships. Two of the most
successful franchisors in health and fitness choose Harlands to manage their membership payments and administration – Energie and Anytime Fitness. With
staff doing less administration and more sales, the Harlands service allows the franchisee to flourish. With a link into the relevant software an operator
can standardise and simplify the complex process of membership signup, payment management and credit control.

Controlling the flow of funds is also crucial for franchisors which is why Harlands can split out funds if necessary at source meaning the all parties
receive the correct share of the membership income from the start.

How can we make you more profitable?


Costs are scalable as we work with health & fitness clubs of all sizes and all costs
are outweighed by the increase in revenue delivered by Harlands.

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