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With signups happening at a few crunch points in the year this can often by difficult to manage and opportunities can easily be missed. Harlands offer
online joining where members can signup quickly and with no guidance on their smart phone, data is pushed automatically into the management software so that
when the student turns up at the gym they are already signed up. Payments can be frozen by the students during holidays and can be set to automatically
unfreeze when the new term commences – this dramatically increases retention of members.

The Harlands service requires no reliance on the university finance team as all processes are included and so allows the gym to act as a separate entity and
become more diverse in its membership offerings to students, staff and public members. This allows for the gym to become a more successful commercial entity
creating a better income stream for the university as a whole.

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Costs are scalable as we work with health & fitness clubs of all sizes and all costs
are outweighed by the increase in revenue delivered by Harlands.

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