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Collect Gym Membership Payments

Direct Debits Explained: Best Way To Collect Gym Membership Payments

In the latest instalment of our Direct Debits Explained series, we are exploring the best payment methods to use to collect gym membership payments and other similar regular payments. Find out the pros and cons of Direct Debits, recurring card payments and standing orders for your organisation and your members. There are over 10 million […]

Fitness Industry Trends 2010s

Top 2010s Fitness Industry Trends

As we enter the new decade, we’ve taken a look back at the top fitness industry trends from the past decade – the 2010s. How have tastes and habits changed over the past decade? Which trends have burst onto the scene? What trends will continue on into the 2020s? Read on for the answers to […]

How To Take Direct Debit Payments

Direct Debits Explained: Taking Direct Debit Payments

In the second instalment of our Direct Debits Explained series, we look at how to take Direct Debit payments in more detail. We outline the two main options available – direct and indirect access to Bacs. And explore the pros and cons of each depending on the size of your organisation and how you choose […]

Member Direct Debits - Dangers of Status Quo

Is The Status Quo Your Biggest Threat?

Whether you are stuck with outdated equipment that does not match the expectations of your members, or, you are handling member Direct Debits in-house as you have always done, failure to embrace change could be hindering your performance. The 2019 State of the UK Fitness Report from LeisureDB revealed that the UK health and fitness […]

Gym Membership Management

5 Steps To Increasing Revenue

Successful gym membership management is vital to increasing revenue for your business. However, there are endless avenues you could take to gain additional revenue. How do you know where to begin? Successful Gym Membership Management Vital Choosing which avenue to go down first when building a gym membership management strategy to increase revenue can be […]

TSG Legend Announcement

TSG Announces Acquisition Of Legend Club Management Systems

TSG acquires leading leisure industry software provider, Legend Club Management Systems, creating an unrivalled offering for the UK Health and Fitness market TSG, an Advent portfolio company and leading global provider of business management software, integrated payments, and value-added services to the Health and Fitness and Childcare markets, today announces that it has signed a […]

Direct Debits Explained: An Introduction

Direct Debits Explained: An Introduction

In our new series our articles, we’ll be explaining all there is to know about Direct Debits to help guide you in how you are collecting recurring payments from your customers. Read on for a quick introduction into this popular payment method. What Is A Direct Debit? A Direct Debit is an instruction between a […]

ukactive National Summit 2019

Recap: ukactive National Summit 2019

The Harlands team attended the 2019 ukactive National Summit in London on Thursday 31st October. The summit was focused on how physical activity, and the sector that delivers it, is the backbone of modern Britain. It was an informative day focused on how physical activity impacts and is impacted by how we live, where we […]

Optimise Direct Debit Collections To Increase Profitability

Applying The Aggregation Of Marginal Gains To Increase Profitability

When it comes to successful gym membership management, making several small adjustments across a range of areas, including direct debit collections, can add up to have a significant impact on the profitability of your business. Dave Brailsford & The Aggregation Of Marginal Gains Breaking down the process you are trying to improve into its component […]

FCA Authorised Direct Debit Payments Provider

FCA Regulation & Direct Debit Payments

We expect that our bank will be authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), but what about the Direct Debit payments provider your organisation chooses? Not all Direct Debit collection companies are FCA authorised as it’s not a business requirement. However, choosing an FCA authorised provider is vital to both to protecting your […]

Online Joiner Report

Online Joiner Technology Trends Report – Q3 2019

The latest instalment of our Online Joiner Technology Trends Report covers the key gym membership management signup trends. Covering July to September 2019, the report covers key trends in the technologies chosen by prospective gym goers. The third quarter of 2019 proved to be busy for leisure operators with over 550,000 new users to online […]

Just 5 minutes – right?

Great club operators tell us they take time each week to walk the gym floor and observe how their staff interact with their members. The warm smile and friendly ‘hello, how are you?’ from reception, the encouraging comments from the fitness staff as members go through their workouts, the duty manager that holds the door […]