TrueCoach: Your Members Training Doesn’t Have To Stop

While your members might not be able to visit your gym or leisure centre in person at this time, that shouldn’t mean their training programme has to end too. A digital fitness platform will allow you to effectively engage and provide training options to members remotely. This is vital currently and for the future too. Try TrueCoach at no cost or commitment for 3-months.

As a fitness business operator, how do you create a sense of virtual community and maintain a connection to your members without being in your physical space?

Offering a value-added service to your members can help keep them motivated and engaged and encourage them to retain their membership in the long-term. Training programmes, whether mass targeted, personalised or somewhere in between, can be taken online and delivered remotely to provide a valuable service to your members.

Beef Up Your Digital Fitness Offering

COVID-19 has forced members to consider new training options that suit their home environment. Digital fitness services have seen significant growth in recent years. This growth is likely to be accelerated by the COVID-19 outbreak, with gymgoers gaining a taste for the flexibility that out-of-facility options offer.

A fellow TSG solution, TrueCoach is a digital fitness platform designed to help health and fitness operators to engage all members, as well as provide a tool for PTs to effectively train members. TrueCoach provides:

  • Personalised and generalised workouts with illustrative videos
  • Nutrition planning and support with meal plans, advice and recipes
  • Exercise and key metric tracking for both members and PTs
  • User friendly access for members via app (iOS) and web browser
  • Team accounts with shared libraries and programmes
  • Custom theming options to suit your brand
  • One place for PT client membership management with in-built communication tools to provide feedback with clients uploading videos and engage members

Gain Flexibility With A Customisable Digital Fitness Platform

Investing in a digital fitness platform will allow you to provide training plans and workouts that can be done anywhere both while you are closed and beyond. TrueCoach offers a flexible platform that can be customised to your specific needs.

There are 4 common approaches that can be followed either alone or in combination:

Personal Training: Complete one-to-one support for members to reach their fitness goals

Where you have PTs with member clients who access regular one-to-one training, you can provide TrueCoach as a tool to your PTs and members to deliver and manage personalised training and coaching remotely and, in the future, in person. PTs can use TrueCoach to:

  • Deliver highly personalised and ongoing workout and nutrition plans
  • Give online feedback on technique and form via the app, supplemented with face-to-face sessions in person or online
  • Support training with in-built chat functionality and tracking between sessions

Personalised Programmes: Make training more personal without face-to-face sessions

This approach is suited to members who will occasionally have a training programme created by a PT but generally workout alone. Lacking regular interaction, this group may be disengaged. Risk of attrition to another way of training, a competitor or even to stop training altogether, will be amplified under the current circumstances.

TrueCoach allows you to take a one-to-many approach to engage these members:

  • PTs provide personalised workout programmes and nutrition plans to individuals based on their specific goals and needs (much like they would in a gym environment)
  • PTs give members feedback as needed on their progress via the platform to ensure they stay active and on track to achieve their goals
  • Each PT can look after as many members as you wish – typically for a full-time PT this would be around 100 each

Interest-Based Programmes: Provide targeted content to many members

Use of TrueCoach is not just limited to a personal training or personalised programmes, you can take an approach that categorises members by common interests, goals or needs. The platform can then be used to provide members with:

  • Programmes tailored to their target group (for example, if you have a group of members who are interested in resistance training or who have a common goal such as weight loss)
  • Customised nutrition advice and meal tips

Mass Targeting: Engage all members with high quality content

TrueCoach can be used as a tool to reach all members not just those with specific interests, personalised programmes or personal training relationships. Use TrueCoach to reach all members and provide:

  • Regular workout programmes (for example, daily ‘WODs’ or weekly challenges)
  • Exercise tutorials and tips
  • Nutritional advice, meal plans and tips

Read our case study to learn how 1Life has taken this approach.

3-Months Free Access To TrueCoach

We are excited to offer access to TrueCoach at no cost for 3-months. No payment details are required, and you can cancel at any time (but we don’t think you’ll want to once you get started!).

Contact us to find out more about TrueCoach and this fantastic offer or get in touch with your Account Manager to learn more.

COVID-19 has caused unprecedented and unanticipated levels of disruption for the health, fitness and leisure industries. We are here to help you comeback fighting fit and stronger than ever. As a starting point, we’ve collated resources and links to guide your business at this time – COVID-19: Resources & Useful Links.

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