– Specialists in Engagement strategies to drive retention
– Tried and tested business solution
– Operating in Australia, The UK and UAE

As our industry evolves, being service and customer focused has become even more critical. This is where the Membership Engagement Program (MEP) assists all business to grow and develop meaningful relationships between staff and members resulting in higher retention rates.

The MEP was created as a result of decades of watching the same cycles repeat themselves. From leisure centres to boutique fitness studios we found ourselves dealing with the same critical issues; we lose too many members, we haven’t understood that PT’s struggle with sales and as a result drop out of the industry and our cultures haven’t always represented our passion and often found business’ failing to get the traction expected.

As the Engagement specialists for the Fitness Industry, we provide a solution that wraps around the entire business.  MEP focuses on education, coaching, setting club specific strategies, tracking and encouraging accountability to achieve sustained success for your club. Our aim is to coach and develop all those on the programme to create a more comprehensive understanding of Engagement. This fundamentally translates into a greater retention of members and staff.