Credit Control & Debt Recovery

For any contracted membership option then Harlands can provide full credit control and debt recovery at no extra charge if required.

Our success rate on collecting the total value of a 12 month membership contract is around 97% of the full contracted value.

This is achieved by the following:

Initial Communication

Informing the member of their contractual obligations from the outset.


A professional and quick reaction to cancellations – we know instantly who has cancelled their DD instruction and start our 6 stage recovery process immediately. This means that many members who cancelled their DD will actually never miss a payment.

Debt Recovery

Ability to send debtor to debt recovery. With our clients authority we will utilize our sophisticated debt recovery systems to trace and recover outstanding amounts following the initial credit control phase if needed.

Third Party

The perception of a third party looking after payments often means members are less likely to try to cancel their DD instruction in the first place.


Through the helpline members can change payment dates, switch payment methods and amend their membership according to your terms.


Harlands offers a designated payment line and online payment portal for the collection of overdue amounts by Debit or Credit card.


Automatic re-submissions for ‘refer to payer’ 14 days later will pick up around 70% of the bounced payments automatically. As ‘Refer to Payer bounces are involuntary we also do this for members not in a contract.

Flexible Approach

In most cases members will pay their arrears on a resubmitted DD payment that we do automatically with a letter going out to advise the member. However there needs to be flexibility and a one size fits all approach is not best to achieve the best collection rates overall. Members have the ability to call and discuss their missed payment with us and we can take the payment over the phone by debit/credit card, we can take a payment on card for multiple months if they are having cash flow issues presently. Harlands also supply an online ‘catch-up’ service for arrears payments and send text messages out to members who can respond and pay their arrears online straight from the text they receive on their phone/tablet. This allows them to pay 24/7.

New Business Enquiries

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