Customer Retention

Retaining your customer base is a foundation upon which a successful business can grow – Get this right and delivering growth in revenue is much easier.

Harlands service is about taking administration tasks away from staff, if staff spend less time on administration and more time on engaging with your customer base, forging meaningful relationships with them, the result is a more loyal customer base that stays with you longer.

Credit Control

Membership Structure


At the sharper end of customer retention are the processes around non-payment. Harlands manage this whole process end to end to ensure maximum payment adherence according to your specific terms and policies.

Reduce Defaulters

Our process will typically reduce the amount of defaulters by around 40%, this not only adds to your bottom line but minimising defaulting customers means more payment routines uninterrupted and customers pay for longer overall.

Minimum Term Contracts

Secondly if you choose to offer a committed minimum term contract then Harlands sophisticated processes ensure this contract is adhered to for the minimum term and beyond and our success rates are second to none.

Remove Administration

Removing the administration around memberships means that operators can offer more options to their customer bases.

Introduce New Contracts

For example clients who didn’t have a committed minimum term contract option previously can easily introduce one as the associated management will be picked up by Harlands entirely.

Length Of Stay

Our clients who have done this have dramatically improved the average length of stay of their customers as a result.

New Business Enquiries

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