Harlands Group revolutionary direct debit management solution (ddms) is changing the way organisations collect money owed.

As the only fully managed end-to-end direct debit service on the market, ddms is a paperless solution that combines high-degrees of automation and processing accuracy with significant cost reductions.

Accessed via the internet, ddms completely removes the need for our clients to invest in software and hardware to manage their direct debit collections. Furthermore, our automated data checking and resolution processes virtually eliminate costly errors that traditionally run as high as 5%.

DDMS ensures that users get more of their money on time, reducing the incidence of uncollected payments and allowing them to better predict their cash flow. On those rare occasions where collections do fail, our solution’s intelligent resolution procedures ensure action is taken quickly and without the need for human intervention, further guaranteeing the timely transfer of money owed.

By managing the direct debit process on behalf of our clients, we ensure that they are free to focus more of their resources on servicing the needs of their customers.

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