Direct Debit Collections

Direct Debit (DD) is the easiest way to facilitate regular payments from your customers and hence blue chip companies use this method to process such payments.

DDs are easy to amend once set up and retention of payment is far better than similar payments on cards for example which expire, or other forms of payment as your customers rarely change their bank account and even if they do the DD
can be switched easily.

Businesses Without the Ability to Process Direct Debits

The flexibility of the DD system is great but new or small companies will find it difficult to obtain sponsorship from their bank. Harlands offer a service where by our clients use our DD origination status to enjoy all the benefits of billing by DD quickly and efficiently.

Businesses who Process Direct Debits Already

If you have your own Service User Number (SUN), Harlands can offer you our BACS Bureau service. Harlands can process your payments using your own SUN meaning payments from your members flow directly into your account – just as they do now. Collections made by BACS Bureau have 4 main advantages:

1. Positive Cash Flow

Payments are collected and paid into your account without delay.

2. No Third Parties

No third parties holding your income.

3. Bank Statement ID

Using your own SUN means that the customer would see no change on their bank statement.

4. Transferring members

Payments can easily be migrated to Harlands without your members having to be informed.

Using Harlands means you don’t need any BACS software or training and Harlands deal with all BACS files and reporting on your behalf – all you need to worry about is signing up customers!

Harlands Process DDs Everyday

Due to our size and infrastructure Harlands process DDs every day of the month. We can match your existing billing dates, or use multiple billing days for improved retention and to reduce payment failures.  Greater flexibility will mean:

1. More Choice

More choice for you customers.

2. Retention

Better retention of payment.

3. Improved Collections

Improved collection of arrears payments.

4. Simple Sign Up

A simpler signup process that can eradciate the need for pro-rata payments.

New Business Enquiries

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