Online Joining

Harlands have a standard online signup portal we can design and host for any client, this can be designed to match existing website branding as required – we call this SNAP. Alternatively our clients can design their own online joining pages and link them to us so that we can verify and take the information we need to manage the payments, we call this i-SNAP.

Our standard SNAP portal includes:

Full PCI Compliance


Bank account verification (at no extra cost)

Promo Codes

Promo code options for as many special offers as you like running side by side

Optional Payments

Optional card payment for an instant first transaction (useful if you are giving a physical product away with the membership) with subsequent payments then by DD.

Device Responsive Pages

Responsive pages to optimise according to the device used for signup i.e phone, tablet, PC.

Day Passes

Option for day passes with instant payment by card if necessary.

Bespoke Design

Bespoke design to match your company logo, branding, colours, terms and conditions, rules etc

Address Lookup

Postcode lookup (at no extra cost)

Add Ons

Ability for customer to select ‘Add-ons’ in addition to memberships, paid either monthly or upfront e.g. so they can buy a membership and then add on spa access, or a goody bag, or parking, etc. Add-ons can be added to the regular DD or taken as a single payment and added to the initial membership payment.

CRM Integration

Ability to send joining information into multiple platforms instantly if required (e.g. to your CRM and marketing database).

New Business Enquiries

To see how we can make your business more efficent and profitable please get in touch