Sales Generator

To maximise sales an organisation needs a clear understanding of where their prospects are coming from and what activity is being done by each site and/or sales person. Sales Generator is a cloud based CRM that houses all your enquiries about membership, your staff are able to log where a lead came from and then communicate with that lead via text, e-mail, phone directly through the system and diarise their activity. Management can then monitor activity in real time to track:

Added Leads

How many leads have been added against target daily / weekly / monthly.


Check how each site and / or sales person is doing against the sales measured daily, weekly and monthly at any given moment. Also, see how the organisation, as a whole, is doing at any point in time against where it should be.


Full KPI’s for each site and / or sales person.


Leads from your website can be automatically fed into Sales Generator and sent a text / email and assigned to a staff member to contact.


What source leads have come from.


Sales diaries to show activity (i.e. calls, appointments, e-mails).

Prospect Data

Prospect data will pre-populate SNAP automatically, so when the prospect becomes a sale only bank details are required for information to be pushed into site software and to Harlands for collection – making the sales process very quick.

New Business Enquiries

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